Tony D. is the secondary antagonist and the leader of the Doghouse Boys, a high school bully gang. He also likes to hurt people, get Max in trouble, rumored to have a knife and have a gun. He was convicted of having tried "trial" more than three times and killed a person who has a razor. Tony D is a terrible person and appears in the encounter chapter of the type of tower and the altitude walking above the world. With his first appearance, he acted friendly and asked if there was a cherry blast in Kevin Avery. Kevin did not, so he called him cretin (a person with a mental problem). Tony D. got angry and left when the police car appeared. In the second half of the next chapter, Tony chases Max and Kevin into the pond. He and his gang start to throw the rock with two people, but none of the rock hit them. Also I mentioned later that Tony packed bags in my purse.

The Mighty

In the movie, Blade and the Doghouse Boys are portrayed as 12-13 year olds, contrary to the book in which they are high school aged teenagers, who attend the same school as Max and Kevin. They are first seen ridiculing Max on the bus and pretending to be his friends. In gym class, Blade throws basketball at Kevin Dillon, letting him travel and accusing him of doing it to Max.

When Max and Kevin go to the local festival to see the fireworks show, Kevin calls them cretins and they chase Max and Kevin into a pond, but the mud is too thick. Blade follows them in with a switchblade. Police arrive to rescue Max and Kevin and catch Blade's gang. Kevin then witnesses that the same gang of teens is putting someone's purse in the sewer. The two will collect the wallet, but the blade and his gang face again. They try to attack Kevin with chains and baseball bats, but Max picks up the cover of manholes and throws them into a running gang, fearing their lives.

Trivia Edit

  • Blade's character is very similar to Stacey Hinkhouse from Freaky Friday. They are both mean teens who serve as antagonists towards characters. Both characters like to blame others and get them in trouble.

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