Mrs. Addison is the school principal in the book Freak the Mighty and its film adaptation The Mighty. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lewis.

In Chapter 12, Max and Freak were sent to her office and after a convincing story told by Freak Mrs. Addison lets them off the hook. In Chapter 13, Max got sent to the principal's office again, but this time he went alone. When he got there Mrs. Addison wanted to tell him something about his father, but he covered his ears so he couldn't hear what she was saying. They even had to call the nurse in to calm him down.

In the movie, Max and Kevin are sent to Mrs. Addison's office where she tells Gwen Dillon that the school district policy does not allow any children with physical or medical handicaps to participate in school athletic activities. When Max gets sent to her office, she tells Max about his father, but he screams and loses control.