Gwen Avery is the Mother of Kevin (Freak) The Fair Gwenuivere as Freak Calls her, Or the Fair-Gwen-of-Air as Max seems to think she is called. She is Known as Gwen Dillon in the movie and is played by Sharon Stone.

Biography swaq mastrEdit

She was an Old Friend Of Max's Mom, Annie (Who is Desceased) She, Her Husband or Boyfriend, Annie, Killer Kane,Loretta Lee and Iggy Lee all lived in the Old Testaments Untill an Incident happened with Annie and Kane.

It is Revealed that Gwen's Boyfriend left when He Heard the Words "Birth Defect" Gwen is Doesn't wan't Kevin to get Hurt or anything bad, It actually comes to the point when she doesn't want Freak to go his "Adventures" anymore.After Kevin (Freak) Dies She Moves Away Because she couldn't stand living in that house with Freak not around. She also now has a boyfriend and they are crazy about eachother accroding to Lorretta Lee

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