What new perspective does Freak have of the world?Edit

Freaks new perspective of the world is that now that he has Max as a friend he is more outgoing and willing to do more. Freak feels with Max he can do anything and everything!

Freak has a new perspective of the world because he can see more and is able to do things that he would never be able to do with Max.

Why do we care about what happens to Max and Kevin?Edit

Because they could become really great friends, and Kevin could make Max feel better about himself with L.D. They are giving each other opportunities that they would never have goten without each other.

How does the author make us care about them?Edit

The author makers us care about them by telling us their problems and by telling their hard times in life

What are Freak and Max feeling as they’re being chased down?Edit

They were nervous and frantic. They acted as one, Freak sat on top of Max's shoulders and kicked him like a horse instructiong him on which way to go. Max was the big, strong, fast body and Freak was the brains behing all of it. Freak had barely any time to think about which way to instruct Max to go next! They were terrified when they were getting chased by blade and then Freak gave directions to tell where they were going and kinda lead them to saftey.

How does Freak take a stand?Edit

He takes a stand by calling Blade a cretin and tricking them into chasing him and Max all the way into the river and getting Blade stuck in the mud so his friends have to help him out.

Freak takes a stand because he sticks up for Max and himself, and tricks them so they feel embarrased because he couldn't go as far as Max into the river.

What is Max thinking after Freak gives them their new name?Edit

Max isn't sure what to think of the name at first, but then he starts to like it and gets used to it