Explain how your views of the 4th of July are similar or different than Max’s.Edit

They are the same, because every year I go with my friends to go see the fireworks show. It would also be different because he is so tall and he can see them way better than I can.

What kind of a character is Tony D.?Edit

He's very dangerous to start with. Also he is very evil and cruel to other people. He talks in slang language and he drinks beer. He always carries a knife around with him and is never nice to people.

He also want Max to join is gang and help him out but, Max refused and now he's the target! freak and max both go to the fourth of july carnival and get caught up with Tony. But max is tall enought to go into the lake and not drown, thus escaping. He's mean

What would have happened if Freak and Max would have kept walking instead of stopped?Edit

If they would have stopped walking, Blade and his gang would have caught up to Freak and Max and possibly hurt them. Instead Max walked into the mill pond and got mucky

If they didn't keep walking, there would have been a lot of trouble, and someone could have gotten hurt.

What inspires Max to put Freak on his shoulders?Edit

What inspired Max to put Freak on his shoulders were the dads around putting their kids on their shoulders, and how Freak was complaining that he couldn't see anything.

Max was inspired to put Freak on his shoulders because he couldn't see like any tall people or adults would, and he wanted to make sure he could have fun.

It just happened, thats what Max said in the book.

What made the fireworks so exciting for Max?Edit

Max has never gotten to see the fireworks all by himself. He can finally celebrate one of his favorite holidays with a true friend.