Do you ever go to a place similar to where Max went? What would it look like if you did?Edit

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Why do you think Gram gives Max so much privacy?Edit

I think Gram is a little bit scared of Max but I also think she respects him and his privacy.

Why does Max automatically think something bad has happened?Edit

Max thinks this because he probably think he's cut out for trouble, just like his dad.

Max thinks he is going to the lower class by himself and not with freak.

Is it surprising to you that Gwen knew Max’s mother? Why or why not?Edit

Answer: No, i don't think it was surprising that Gwen knew Max's mother because Kevin and Max went to daycare together, so they probally ran into each other there.

Why is Max nervous about eating dinner with the neighbors?Edit

Max is nervous to have dinner with the neighbors because when Gwen saw Max the first time she was scared and ran away with Freak and didn't know what to expect the second time they would meet.

What might be the reason that Gwen is nervous when Max arrives?Edit

Because Gwen thinks that Max is mad at her, and she doesn't know what to expect from him because of the way Max's father is.

How does dinner go for Max?Edit

Max has a great time with Freak and Gwen. There was a lot of great food and fun.

What kind of feelings are going through Max after he gets home?Edit

Max starts to cry after he gets home because he is happy that he has found a new friend.