Why is Max scared of Kevin?Edit

Max is scared of Kevin because Kevin is very smart and intimidates him with the use of large words.

What is Kevin doing in his backyard when we first meet him?Edit

He sees Kevin playing with an ornithopter in his backyard and then it got stuck in a tree.

What observations does Max make while watching Kevin?Edit

Max learns that Kevin is the same age as him, but there is something wrong with Kevin, and Max also learns he is very smart by listening to Kevin speak.

How would you describe their second conversation?Edit

Their discussion, shows how smart Freak is and how much he confuses Max.

How does your opinion of Kevin change after you hear him speak?Edit

Before, I thought Kevin was a nerd, but I think Kevin is very smart and likes to do things that are challenging to him. I don't think Freak is suck a nerd because he can't walk or run around so he spend's his time reading the dictionary and all those King Arthur book's.

What gets max and Kevin to speak?Edit

Max probably feels very ignorant when Kevin is speaking because he doesn't understand most of the words Kevin is saying. Max feels like a dummy when Kevin speaks because he uses huge words that Max doesn't understand.

Do you think Kevin and Max will be a good pair of friends? Why?Edit

Yes, Kevin and Max will be great friends because they are both outcasts, and they help each other out as needed. That is what friends are. Yes, because Kevin just moved in, and Max doesn't have any friends. Yes, they will be good friends because to start off, they both don't have any friends at all, so there is something in common, they both have disabilities, and they both have strong points in each other's weakness'(Freak has the brain and Max has the body etc...) Yes they will be good friends because they knew each other from preschool and both need to depend on each other.