What did Kenny end up doing to Loretta?Edit

Kenny almost choked Loretta to death because she untied the ropes that were on Max's hand and ankles. Loretta was left injured with a broken bone and many bruises.

What did the papers call Loretta? Why is their description fitting?Edit

The papers call Loretta the Heroic Biker Babe. It is fitting because her appearance is of a biker person and she tried to save Max so that makes her heroic.

Why was the Fair Gwen so angry?Edit

The Fair Gwen was angry because she told Freak to stay home and not go find Max because it was too dangerous, but Freak didn't listen to her and went anyway.

What’s going on with Freak now?Edit

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Would you testify against your father if you were Max?Edit

No, because Kenny Kane is still his father so Max should forgive him. Yes, he is a murderer and he didn't care about Max.

YES!!!!!!!!!!! if my father killed my mother i would totally testify against him.(my dad would never do that)

What do Gram’s words of wisdom mean?Edit

It means that just because you look like someone, it doesn't mean that you will become that person. Look at Max for example. Even though he looks like his dad, he will never become his dad because his heart is pure, just like his mother.

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