Do you think Max’s dad really loves him? How is this evident?Edit

No, because he probably he's sucking up to Max and acting like he's not a criminal.

Max's father probably does not really love him because if he did, he would not be tying him up--he would trust him. If he really loved him to would tell the truth and treat him with love. No, he wants Max to think that he didn't kill his mom and that he is innocent.

What imagery is the author using by putting a black cat in the basement?Edit

The author is trying to tell you how creepy the basement is, and black cats are bad luck so it is also a way of describing the looks of it.

What qualities does a good parent have?Edit

Some good qualities in a parent are trust, forgiveness, love, care, kindness, and discipline to be used only for protecting your children or when thay did something really wrong.

What qualities is Max being taught by his parent?Edit

Max is being taught to steal, cheat, lie, kill, and go against the law.

Why did Loretta come down to find Max?Edit

Loretta came down to find Max so she could free him from Kenny.

What happens to her because of her choice?Edit

Kenny Kane almost kills her by choking her to death.