How do you think Max is feeling now?Edit

I think Max is scared because he was kidnapped by his dad and is on the run with his dad. Max doesn't know how to feel right now. He doesn't know if his dad is good or bad.

What do you think about Kenny’s plan?Edit

Kenny's plan is to kidnap Max, he has not gotten over his criminal ways. He will always have the heart of a killer. He doesn't love his son he just wants to tell him that he isn't a killer. And when I read it think his plan is to be rich by doing crimes and then they would be traveling in an RV and having fun. :)

Do you think Max’s dad is serious about being a “man of God”?Edit

I don't think Kenny Kane is serious at all. He is probably trying to convince Max that he is a good guy, and reverse what Grim and Gram had said about him.

What does Max’s father mean when he said, “You can’t trust a cripple”?Edit

He means if you need to run he won't be able to help you. He also means he can't do everything because he is crippled..