Why is it good that Freak and Max are in the same classes?Edit

It is good because Max will learn more if Freak is around to help him and Freak has his pair of "legs" to get around with. They are freak the mighty and they have to be by each other all the time. So Freak can teach Max and like tutor him so he can get better grades. 

What would you be thinking if you got a note like Max did?Edit

I would probably think that I was in trouble or something bad had happened to me or my family. I would also be scared and not know what to do

How is the school in our story similar to our school? How is it different?Edit

One reason our school is not the same is that our principal is a man, but their principal is a woman. Another reason our school is not the same is our school is Lutheran, but their school is public. Our schools are similar because we have special classes for people who have trouble in school.It is also different because it sounds like a multi-story building that they go to.

What happened to Max when the principal started talking about his father?Edit

He covered his ears and he was zoning out of the conversation. He kept on saying no and the teacher finally said he didn't have to say anything about his father.

Why do you think Max didn't want to know what his dad wanted to say to him?Edit

Max doesn't want to hear what his father has to say beacause he hates him and never even wants to see him again. He doesn't want to remember anything about his father after what he did to his mother

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Describe in your own words what happens to Freak in the cafeteria.Edit

Freak turned purple after eating all the American Chop Suey (aka gruel), and it was hard for him to breathe, so Freak was ended up choking.

What does Max’s attitude at the end of the chapter tell us about his character?Edit

You can tell that Max is a very considerate and caring person because even though he has had such a hard day, he says that he's fine, Freak is the one who had the bad day.

Why does Mrs. Addison tell Max he’s going to be okay?Edit

She tells Max this because he is just told that his father will be released from prison early and Max was not taking the news well. She also tells him this because the school will protect him so his dad can't come near him.