Explain the phrase “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”Edit

i think it “Good riddance to bad rubbish”means A WELCOME DEPARTURE.Edit

Why does the author tell us about school shopping...? Edit

He probably wanted us to know how hard it was for Max. He also points out his shoe size for added affect of how tall he really is!

What happens in English class? Edit

The new asks Max to stand up and tell the class how his summer went. The other students start making fun of him so gets on Max and they walk around the classroom chanting me harder. Then they get sent to office.

Max can’t explain it, but it was pretty cool. What one feeling is he talking about?Edit

One feeling Max could be talking about is the feeling that everyone likes you and thinks that you are totally cool for being Freak the Mighty.

Write a paragraph of what Freak might have said to the principal to let them off the hook.Edit

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