Max lives with his grandparents in their basement, or as he calls it, "the down under." All he really does in the basement is drool in his comic books, well, not literally. He also lays under his bed thinking like like he's a cloud. His basement has a small window. Freak and his mom, Fair Gwen are moving to Max's neighborhood. When Max leaves the down under and goes over to greet them, Freak calls him "earthling" and tells him to die. That confused him, but then he figured out that everyone is acctually an earthling, but you don't call each other that, just as you wouldn't call every person in America an American even though they are from America.


Max - In this chapter we learn more about Max. He lives in his grandparent's basement, which he calls the "down under." He doesn't do much besides sit and read comic books in the basement and other things to keep himself busy.

Grim and Gram - We learn from chapter two that Grim built Max's room in their basement. Max tells us that Grim used to have a slingshot and that Grim and Gram kept a close eye on Maxwell. They are always scared that Max will turn out like his Dad, which isn't fair

Freak - Freak is an extremely intelligent boy who is crippled and relies on crutches and leg braces. However Freak is his nickname, though his real name is Kevin. Later in this chapter his mother also has a nick name of the Fair Gwen of Air.

Fair Gwen of Air - The "Fair Gwen of Air" is what Freak calls his mother. She has beatiful brown hair.


crutches - sticks to put under the arms to help a person walk

kindergarten - a class for young children to prepare them for first grade

mastodon - a large, prehistoric elephantlike animal

fiend - a cruel, wicked, or mischevious person

hunkering -to squat close to the ground;crouch

earthling - A person of or on planet earth.

sling-shot - something that you fling rocks with.

miniature - a copy or model on a very small scale

Discussion QuestionsEdit

DQ - Chapter 2

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