Freak tells Max that you can remember anything if you try hard enough, though when Freak says this, Max is confused, because he doesn't think he can remember. It is Freak's birthday, but it is like a double birthday since it is almost "Freak the Mighty's" first birthday. Max, Grim, and Gram come over to celebrate Freak's birthday. He really wanted this new computer for his birthday, and he got it! He acted very surprisedly, though Maxwell and the Fair Gwen thought he had already caught on to what his birthday gift was and thought the things he asked for like a jet plane, a rocketship, and a few other things were just to make them and he knew about the computer. At the party, everyone enjoys Gwen's cooking, but Freak barely eats because he wants to save room for the cake. He showed Grim how he can play chess on the computer. Gram and everyone there says things like, how in the world did you know that and make the computer seem as if it's the most interesting and amusing thing in the world, and Freak the smartest and cleverest person who ever lived. Suddenly, Freak starts to have a seizure and is rushed into an ambulance to the hospital. Max was very worried about him.


Freak- had a seizure and is in the hospital once more

Max- very worried about Freak

Fair Gwen




Modem- electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

Ice Age- a time after dinosaurs