Freak goes to the hospital, and they won't let Max visit him on the first day. So, he told Grim he was going to the hospital, but it was miles and miles away, Max didn't care how far it was, he just wanted to see Freak. So he still went, but the only problem was that since Freak wasn't along so he couldn't make houses turn into castles or pools into moats. While Max is visiting Freak, he gives Max a book with a bunch of blank pages, Max is confused, he had never heard of any book without words. Freak tells him to write down all the adventures as Freak the Mighty. Even though Max doesn't really know how to write he told Freak that he would do his best. Freak is in the I.C.U. and is being strictly monitored and the moment Freak coughs, a crowd of nurses comes in and Max is told by Dr. Spivak that he must leave, so he sadly leaves.


Dr. Spivak- Dr. Spivak is Freak's doctor. She is also a small woman with short red hair and a stern face.


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