Max sneaks out of the house early in the morning before Gram and Grim wake up, but when he gets to the hospital everyone is acting strange around him. They all go, "Are you Maxwell?," or go,"You poor thing." Most of the nurses are crying. Max began thinking that something bad has happened and finds out that Freak had died cause his heart and other organs got too big for body. Max has a mental breakdown and breaks glass and kicks doors, he tries to get into the next medical room, he screams at the top of his lungs going,"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO GIVE HIM A NEW BODY!" and starts to sob. Dr. Spivak tells him that there never really was a bionic body surgery like Freak said. Maxwell immediadietly accuses Freak of being a liar, but Dr. Spivak said,"It gave him hope, hope that he could live and not have a short life like he had been told he was going to have since he was just a little kid." On the way home Grim asks Max if he wants to talk about it and right away Max says---no.


Dr. Spivak- a short red haired lady. She is also Freak's doctor

Freak- he dies because his heart got too big for his body.

Fair Gwen- in hospital when Freak dies.

Maxwell- goes to hospital to see Freak and finds out he is dead.


icu- intensive care unit. It is a series of rooms for people who are seriously ill or injured

mosquitos- a type of insect

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