Kevin Avery (Freak) , who is moves in next door to Max Kane. By now Max admits to being scared of Freak not because he is big and strong but because he is simply confused with Freak's personality and behavior towards everything. Max was spying on Freak from a tree and Freak was trying to get a mechanical bird called an

ornithopter from a short tree. Freak went to get a red wagon to reach the ornithopter but he still could not get it. Max comes over and gets the ornithopter from the tree. Max and Freak play with the ornithopter until the elastic wind-up string breaks. Then Max tells Freak that he lives in the down under. He decided that it was better to show him the down under instead of trying to explain it to him. So he gives Freak a ride in his red wagon to his house.


Max- He lives in his basement, a.k.a. "the down under" at his Grim and Gram's house. He's secretly scared of Freak because he doesn't know what he says all the time.

Freak- He lives next door to Max and lives with his mom Fair Gwen. He has crutches and is very short. He is also a very smart kid.

Gwen- We meet Fair Gwen, and Max likes her, even though he's only in the seventh grade.

Grim and Gram- Grim and Gram are Max's grandparents.


Ornithopter- an ornithopter is an experimental device propelled by flapping wings aka a mechanical bird.

scraggly- jagged, uneven, shaggy, ragged,and humanoid.

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