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Freak the mighty


This chapter is about when the two main character, Max and Freak are starting to get along with each other. Gram is afraid that Freak would get stepped on so she asks Max to take him to the Fourth of July fireworks. Max soon realized that the kidstompers are not the problem, the beer-swillers are. Max and Freak encounter Blade (a.k.a Tony D. a 17 year old who drinks) and his gang. Freak started to mouth off to Blade, and he found out that Max couldn't really take him on. At the fireworks show, Freak has trouble seeing the show, so Max puts him on his shoulders. Freak has a great time finally, for once, being able to accually see the fireworks, and shouting out all of the elements and chemicals, potassium, sulphur, aluminum, copper, light.


Blade (aka Tony D.) - He is at least 17 years old and has been to juvy court 4 times. He likes to pick on anyone he can and when he does something wrong he blames someone else. He also has a gang who follows him and they all think they're cool for causeing trouble. He has the nickname of Blade is because he likes to use a switch blade knife to inflict any damage on others

Blade's gang - Blade's gang travels with Blade and causes trouble with him. They are also known as the doghouse boys. They are the strongest gang in the city.


Cretin- one who suffers from mental deficiency

Edgy- irritable

Millpond- a pond formed by a milldam

Swilling- drinking

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