Freak and Max are going to Loretta Lee's house in the New Testaments after finding her ID card in the purse they found in the storm drain. Iggy threatens them and is very mean to them. Max and Kevin learn more about their fathers from the past. Iggy and Loretta are scaring them with questions. They are bringing up things from the past that Max and Freak dont want to hear about. The chapter ends with Loretta Lee saying to Freak that his dad was a magician, "right after you was born. He must be a magician, because as soon as he heard the words 'birth defect,' he disappeared.


Iggy Lee- He has a strong personality, making him scary and pushy. He knew Max's dad and was also is the head of a motorcycle gang, the Panheads. He's hairy, has a beer gut, red hair, and large arms with tattoos on them. He lives in the New Testaments with Loretta Lee.

Loretta Lee- Loretta lives in the New Testaments with Iggy Lee. She has yellow hair, small eyes, blurry red lips, and she smokes.

Freak's Dad- We learn in this chapter that Freak's Dad was a magician. He left after he heard that Kevin had a birth defect.

Freak- Freak doesn't like it when people rub his head for good luck.


Tenement- a rundown and overcrowded apartment house; poor part of a large city .

Testaments- Something that serves as tangible proof or evidence or one of the two main sections of the Bible

Bible- christain holy book

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